Created and normed by renowned online test creator and psychometrician, Hans Sjoberg, the ICFIT is an accurate and reliable online IQ test that gives a fair estimate of what your IQ score would be if you were to take a proctored exam.

The ICFIT is also the official admissions test for GHIQS, Canadian High IQ Society (CHIQS) and Torr. Besides being an admission test, the ICFIT is also useful in testing your mental fitness and improving it with practice. This is why we offer package discounts for different number of test sessions. We believe that IQ testing is an integral part of working on improving one’s mental fitness rather than just an innate and fixed condition. The key to long-term success and health is a healthy and agile brain. Taking the ICFIT is an excellent way of ensuring this.

Aside from the health benefits from brain fitness we also believe that highly intelligent people need both a creative outlet and a meeting place for interaction with their peers. This is why we’ve created societies like GHIQS, Torr, and CHIQS for different IQ levels. This page serves as a gateway to our societies both through achieving a qualifying score on our test as well as qualifying via other tests. You need not take our test, but you’ll still need to register at this website for admission to our societies. In addition to the 3 session option packages there is a 4th option to upload your proof of qualifying IQ score for our approval. If you have valid documents proving your qualification you can upload them to our website. Only upload documents to qualifying scores on the tests from the approved list found on the homepages of our societies. You will receive notification once when your test item has been graded. At this point you will be able to purchase membership in the qualifying society of your choosing and obtain an automated membership certificate. Do not purchase membership before your submission is approved your membership purchase will be invalid and your payment will not be refunded. You must follow the correct procedure to ensure you will receive your automated certificate and be correctly inducted into your chosen society.

Enjoy and Good Luck

      Sessions and Prices :

  • Intelligence Test - 1 Session     -   $ US  8.99 
  • Intelligence Test - 3 Sessions   -   $ US 15.99 
  • Intelligence Test - 10 Sessions -   $ US 29.99 

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