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IQ-Test.ca is a Canadian owned and operated IQ testing website.  Our website is the home of 3 certified online IQ tests that can be used for admission to 4 different high IQ societies; Global High IQ Society(IQ 120, SD=15), American High IQ Society(130 SD=15), Canadian High IQ Society(IQ 130, SD=15), Torr(IQ 145, SD=15).  We currently have spatial and numerical tests and are in the process of developing a verbal test to add to our website on a future date.   

ATTENTION PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS: Due to the ongoing economic and health impacts around the world resulting from the COVID-19 virus our lifetime memberships are now being offered at reduced prices.  For example; The lifetime membership for GHIQS is temporarily reduced from $79 to $40 until further notice.  Similar discounts are available for our other societies as well.  We ask that you please visit the respective websites for further information.  The membership fee for all societies is hereby waved for residents of developing countries and those with limited income.

Our tests are:

The International Culture Fair Intelligence Test.  This test is comprised of spatial and matrix reasoning items as well as a few numerical items.  It was designed and normed by Hans Sjoberg of IQexams.net.

The Lawson Culture Fair Intelligence Test.  A spatial IQ test consisting of items of easy and intermediate difficulty is to be taken under a very strict time limit.  This test has a high degree of accuracy with a correlation coefficient of 98% with professionally administered IQ tests.  The LCFIT is now available at $8.99 US per session. We hope you enjoy our new test.


The NUMBA is a very accurate numerical IQ test that was designed by Christian Backlund of bakaiq.com and normed by Hans Sjoberg.  It has a correlation coefficient of 97% with professionally administered tests.  Now available at $8.99 US per session.

Each of our tests may be used for admission to  GHIQS, Torr, CHIQS and AHIQS. This page serves as a gateway to our societies both through achieving a qualifying score on our test as well as qualifying via other tests. You need not take our test, but you’ll still need to register at this website for admission to our societies. In addition to achieving qualifying scores on our tests there are other options for joining our societies. If you're an earlier member of Torr or GHIQS in its two previous incarnations(Tensa and TenIQ) you may enrol in our Returning members section for each society, upload your old certificates and submit them for approval.  Once approved you will have access to your automated updated certificate of membership. You may also join our societies by submitting other tests for review, but you will need to email us first with your qualifying document and the society or societies you wish to join.  Please check our society pages for more information on how to submit other tests for admission.  Due to the global pandemic COVID-19 virus, all society memberships are being offered at a substantial discount and in some cases waved.  Please visit our society websites for more details.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Support Team.  

Enjoy and Good Luck

Sessions and Prices for the ICFIT are :

  • 1 Session     -   $ US  8.99 
  • 3 Sessions   -   $ US 15.99 
  • 10 Sessions -   $ US 29.99 

Legal Disclaimer and warning: Copying, replicating or attempting to compromise any of the testing materials, or provide test answers to the general public without written authorization from the site owners will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. IQ test results generated on our site are no substitute for professional IQ-related advice and measurement.